Syracuse Stadiumcross Has to Postpone again due to Covid

From the Syracuse StadiumCross facebook page

“——————- ATTENTION —————-

We’re disappointed to announce that due to current New York State Health regulations, we are unable to hold the 2021 April Syracuse StadiumCross races.We plan on rescheduling for November 2021 depending on availability.We hope everyone has a great summer of racing and wish all racers and families a safe and happy 2021!”

The 2020 Mint 400

The 2020 Mint 400 started with a fan favorite, parade in downtown Las Vegas and ended with Luke McMillin adding his name to the prestigious list of past winners. Luke did so, just over 30 years after his father accomplished the same feat. On the last lap, McMillin and his co-driver Jason Duncan took the lead and went on to win. They finished with an unofficial time of 6:49:52.

The 2020 Mint 400 was comprised of 4 grueling, 107 mile laps, for a race total of 428 miles. Chokers corner had plenty of action with atleast one rollover. This accident bottlenecked some drivers coming through as the crew worked to slow vehicles coming into chokers and roll the vehicle back over onto its wheels.

As a first time attendee to the Mint 400, I can say there is plenty to do for families coming in to watch the event. The backside of Buffalo Bill’s Casino hosted the races starting line, midway and the Super Hooligans. Action around Buffalo Bill’s was nonstop all weekend.

Race results and additional information can be found at

ARX Shuts Down

Over almost as quickly as it began. Here is the statement from IMG

IMG said: “After consultation with a wide group of stakeholders and interested parties, IMG has taken the difficult decision to not extend the Americas Rallycross Championship beyond the 2019 season.”
“Over the past few months, IMG had been exploring a number of options with commercial partners to secure the long-term future of the championship but, unfortunately, none of those options came to fruition.”

ARX Season Finale at “Mud”-Ohio

ARX rolled into Mid-Ohio for their season ending races this past weekend.

Rain and mud would play into the Subaru teams favor, putting their cars right into their natural element. After the dust(mud) settled on the weekend Chris Atkinson won the supercar finale and Tanner Foust didn’t have to even race in the final to be crowned series champ.

ARX2 fan favorite Fraser McConnell won the finale and brought home the championship.

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