Incubus: Lakeview Amphitheater

The warm and humid evening began causally and very low key as Atlas Genius performed for a crowd that was still filing in, finding their seats, and chatting with their friends at the Lakeview Amphitheater. The band remained positive and fearless in the ever-growing crowd that was heavily anticipating performances from the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Incubus. And for a group of Southern Australians with only 8 years under their collective belt, they held their own, calling out to and connecting with the crowd from the pit to the lawn as the masses eagerly awaited their favorite ’90s and early ’00s hits.

Jimmy Eat World hit the stage with the look of average dudes and with the energy of performers half their age, faced with a larger and livelier crowd. They rocked hard to a number of more recent hits before slowing things down with an acoustic version of “Hear You Me,” heavy laden with emotion. Lead singer Jim Adkins amped the crowd back up with shouts of “Let’s do this!” Having saved some of their biggest hits like “The Sweetness” and “The Middle” for the end, the band went out big with a nearly full Lakeview Amphitheater on their feet dancing while fireworks could be seen over the lawn from the Fairgrounds.

By the time Incubus made their way onto the stage, the crowd was electrified and ready. They played it cool, opening with “Love in the Time of Surveillance” off of the new album, ‘8’, and following it with “Warning” off of classic album ‘Morning View’ The energy level was ramped up when they moved on to “Nimble Bastard” also off of new album ‘8’ as well as “Anna Molly”, “Glitterbomb” and “Megalomaniac” While performing, it is clear that Brandon Boyd is in another realm, feeling every lyric and line. Meanwhile, Ben Kenney maintains a solid groove, DJ Kilmore tears it up swings his massive dreads through the air, Jose Pasillas beats the hell out of his kit, and Mike Einziger utilizes his guitar like a mad scientist. The set list, as always, was a productive blend of new songs promoting the new album, old classics like “Wish You Were Here,” “Pardon Me,” “Drive” and “Nice To Know You” to appease the throwback crowds, as well sprinkles of older and more obscure tunes like “Redefine” and “Sick Sad Little World” to maintain the diehard fans. Jose and Brandon took the opportunity to have a drum-off during “Redefine” off of their second album; ‘S.C.I.E.N.C.E.’ Mike took the opportunity to show off his incredible musicianship in an extended interlude during “Sick Sad Little World” off of ‘Light Grenades.’ They wrapped things up with three more tunes from the new album ‘8’ and left the stage. They then returned in classic Incubus fashion, Mike with pipa in hand, bringing a serene end to the night with “Aqueous Transmission” the finale from ‘Morning View.’

Set List: “Love in the Time of Surveillance,” “Warning,” “Nimble Bastard,” “Anna Molly,” “Glitterbomb,” “Megalomaniac,” “The Warmth,” “Wish You Were Here (+ Remix),” “State of the Art,” “Pardon Me,” “Drive,” “Nice to Know You,” “Undefeated,” “Redefine,”

“Sick Sad Little World,” “The Original,” “Loneliest,” “When I Became a Man” and “No Fun.” Encore: “Aqueous Transmission.”

Robert Kenney Jr. / CBP Productions / The Fuze Magazine
Jessica Kenney / The Fuze Magazine

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