Oswego’s Southern Diesel Debuts New Lift kit at Daytona Truck Meet 2019

Southern Diesel Truck Co. out of Oswego, made the trek down to the Daytona International Speedway this past weekend for this years Daytona Truck Meet. They brought with them a truck with a new lift kit from Any Level Lift. Currently the only truck with the lift, but they are looking to change that very soon. With the show having an estimated 80k attendees, that is a good possibility.

Everyone knows Any Level Lift for their hydraulically adjustable trucks. Now the brains behind the kit , Aaron Aldrich, has designed a kit that is manually adjustable. The manually adjustable kit opens up a wider market for Any Level Lift with its availability now for the 17 and newer F-250s .

The F-250 kit is manually adjustable to any ride height position for a 4”, 6” or 8” lift

The F-350 and 450 kit is manually adjustable to any ride height position for a 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, and 13” lift

For more details visit https://www.anylevellift.com/

Or give Matt at Southern Diesel a call 315-598-4444









More Daytona Truck Meet Photos Below

  • Daytona-1300
  • Daytona-1294
  • Daytona-1276
  • Daytona-1250
  • Daytona-1195
  • Daytona-1183
  • Daytona-1152
  • Daytona-1139
  • Daytona-1121
  • Daytona-1115
  • Daytona-1077
  • Daytona-1024
  • Daytona-0965
  • Daytona-0934
  • Daytona-0918
  • Daytona-0913
  • Daytona-0884
  • Daytona-0861
  • Daytona-0851
  • Daytona-0848
  • Daytona-0821
  • Daytona-0813
  • Daytona-0810
  • Daytona-0803
  • Daytona-0802
  • Daytona-0798
  • Daytona-0787
  • Daytona-0786
  • Daytona-0782
  • Daytona-0779
  • Daytona-1243

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